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The North Branch Ranch is named after the North Branch of the Kawkawlin river that runs through it.  Situated on 105 acres the ranch has a diverse mix of grass and forested lands.  The many different soil types mean lots of variety in grasses and forage that provide a balanced meal for the herd. 


Scottish cattle have long been known for their thrift, hardiness and quality beef.  We are currently focused on the Highland and Galloway breeds.  Both breeds originated in the rough and rocky west of Scotland.  They both have a double layer coat that protects them from our long and snowy winters here in Michigan.


Our goal is Natural Grassfed beef using Heritage breeds (Highland/Galloway).   We don't use synthetic fertilizers, soy, GMO, hormones or antibiotics.  The cattle spend their whole lives outside in the sun and snow.  Just like nature intended. Shade trees in the summer and wooded windbreaks in the winter.  We believe that it all starts with happy cows.  That means good tasty hay and pasture, low stress environment. We use regenerative grazing techniques  to ensure diverse and healthy pasture.  Building up soils with carbon and organic matter to increase fertility of our grasses and clovers.

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