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Grass Fed Beef Available for 2022  Summer and Fall Pre-Order

All cattle are raised exclusively on pasture.  Finishing is on the lush spring and fall growth of grasses and clover.  Due to this pasture only finishing, our beef is only available as the temperature and rain permit.  Usually late June and early December are when steers are finished.  A dry spring may delay grass and cattle growth.   Custom cuts are provided by a local USDA inspected butcher.  Samples available.

To pre-order or for more details, email 

Quarters (100-130 lb)


Deposit $200 for pre-order

Halves (200-260 lb)


Deposit $400 for pre-order

Whole (400-520 lb)


Deposit $750 for pre-order

Custom packages available - email for custom options

Butcher's fees not included in above pricing and will typically add $0.7/lb hanging weight.


To pre-order or for more details, email 



Typical Packages Include:

25% Steaks

40% Ground Beef

35% Roasts and various others 


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