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Spring 2018 Calves

Updated: May 19, 2018

It's Spring time here at North Branch Ranch and that means adorable calves! Blue Cheese, a beautiful Galloway heifer, just had her first calf. He's a gorgeous and joyful bull that looks remarkably like his mama, considering he is a Galloway/Commercial cross. Blue Cheese is a fantastic mama and has been taking great care of her first baby. His name is Frisco.

Blue Cheese and her new baby bull Frisco

The herd is getting to know Frisco

Bull's Eye surprised us all a few weeks ago when she started showing signs that she was about to give birth. She was bred to a commercial bull (Frisco's Daddy) but it wasn't clear that she was pregnant. We're glad to share that she had a beautiful baby heifer. She and mama had a little trouble figuring out feeding, but they worked it out quickly (with a minor bit of bottle feeding to ensure she received the necessary colostrum in time). We named her Mei Mei, which means little sister in Mandarin.

Bull's Eye with her baby Mei Mei

Beautiful Mei Mei


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